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Cube Sugar


About Almas Daneh

Almas Daneh Packaging Factories Group started its activity in 2011 to package and distribute basic goods and the urgent need of the people in the field of packaging of sugar,beans and rice, and according to the sale of the mentioned goods with its brand in the country and chain stores, due to their power and scope of work, have also started packing with empty capacity licenses for other prominent brands in the market, including Mohsen, Aghamir, Goliran, Hamid 110, Shali Fam,Nam Avaran, Azouqe,Avazeh and the Khebre
company also mentioned that it shows the strength and hard work of the personnel of the Almas Daneh Food Factories Group

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Almas Daneh

Almas Daneh Factories Group is a packaging company for all kinds of sugar, Cube Sugar, various  Beans and rice